Innovation and Manchester

Innovation and Manchester

Manchester; where Rutherford, Geiger and Marsden discovered the structure of the atom.

Manchester is the cradle of the industrial revolution and is the place where Rutherford, Geiger and Marsden discovered the structure of the atom. So, it is fitting that innovation will be the central theme for the 2019 Annual Meeting, PTCOG58.

We will see innovation in the Educational Programme with the Knowledge Hub and Innovation Gateway: a new way to engage with vendors and with those who are developing new proton /particle therapy centres.

We will see innovation in the Scientific Programme through presentation of new results and discoveries from around the world. Top international speakers will deliver results from new clinical trials and innovation in clinical delivery of proton / particle therapy.

Innovation is the link between all the sessions on offer; from the biology and physics sessions, to the clinical and practical. New and innovative ideas for delivering improved clinical treatment is the common theme you can expect to hear in all the sessions at PTCOG58.

Innovation best describes our goal to engage the next generation of leaders in PTCOG, with a special new session arranged by them. We also want to bring in new sessions for RTT and PhD students.

Electronic poster boards, the latest in presentation technology, will be found in the poster sessions to ensure all accepted abstracts are viewed and discussed by a wide audience. The PTCOG58 scientific committee are looking for opportunities to increase the integration of accepted posters into the programme to better highlight those presenting and offer a vibrant environment around the emerging research and researchers.

Finally, innovation is of course central to the vendor exhibition, showcasing the latest manufacturers and industry partners in the field. Starting with the Knowledge Hub and Innovation Gateway in the Educational Programme, the opportunity to connect with all exhibiting companies will continue throughout the conference and provide an environment for discussion, engagement and collaboration.