Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub and Innovation Gateway

In line with the theme of PTCOG58, Innovation, this is an innovation aimed at those who are interested in developing new centres for proton / particle therapy.  The aim is to add a session which bridges between the educational and scientific sessions and adds to what PTCOG already offers. The knowledge hub sessions will also be beneficial to vendors attending the conference and will run in parallel to the proposed vendor meetings.

Knowledge Hub

To be held on Tuesday 11 June, aimed at those who are new to proton/ particle therapy, the Knowledge Hub will offer a link between the educational sessions of the conference, the PTCOG School, and the scientific programme. There will be informative talks from invited speakers who have recently started clinical treatment centres plus talks from more established centres spanning different parts of the world and different specialties including clinicians, medical physics, radiographers, academic research.

The unique agenda will aim to provide applicable advice and guidance from those who can share their current experiences and what lessons have been learnt and best practices implemented in their clinical application.  The Knowledge Hub will utilise the scientific, technical and clinical expertise within the PTCOG community, propagate best practice and act as the source of information for those who wish to develop proton / particle therapy.

Proposed vendor meetings will act as a forum for those already operating PBT centres to meet with vendors and share information, spread best practice, solve problems and develop new ideas in collaboration with them.

Innovation Gateway

PTCOG58 will offer opportunities to manufacturers to talk about their latest developments during lunchtime sessions. More information to follow.